#ETHANproject Summer Challenge 2 + Blogger Link-Up

We are so proud  of everyone for hitting the ground running for our “Enjoy Friendship Challenge” last week. We know how difficult it can be to step outside your comfort zone and make new friends.  But you guys rocked it!

We loved the variety of stories from this past week.  We enjoyed the fact that a few of you took this opportunity to re-connect with your husband, others admitted they don’t have much time for friends these days and one mom compared adult friendships to dating (and the parallels sort of freaked us out…and made us giggle at the same time).

friendship quote

More than anything, we loved the fact that you ladies are taking this project seriously and giving it your best effort!  We loved all the great pictures you shared on Instagram with the #ETHANproject! We feel like you all are becoming our friends, and we are so grateful that each of you decided to join us for the #ETHANproject Summer Challenge.

The purpose of the #ETHANproject Summer Challenge is to inspire your creativity and encourage you to STOP and ENJOY your kids during the summer months. The #ETHANproject starts on June 1, 2015 and runs through August 15, 2015….are you up for the challenge?

If you aren’t yet familiar with the “ENJOY the HERE and NOW” project,  click here for an overview.  If you would like to join us, be sure to download your own copy of the 10-Week Challenge Overview & don’t forget to share your stories in our #ETHANproject Facebook Group each week.

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This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an "ETHAN Mom" this summer. Our 10-Week Summer Challenge will help you STOP and ENJOY your kids and create unique memories.

Features from Challenge #1: Enjoy Friendship

Reader Story


We love that Abby who reconnected with her long lost BFF over a quick breakfast. Don’t we all have those friends who we connect with on such a deep level that after being apart for years you can pick right back up and not miss a beat?  Thanks Abby for sharing!

Be sure to use the #ETHANproject when you share your stories for next week!  We would love to feature YOUR story.


5 Ways for a Shy Mom to Make Mom Friends by Kristen at Practical Mommy 

We love Kristen and were excited to see that her article was the most-clicked article in last week’s link-up!  These 5 easy tips make friendship just a little less intimidating for shy people like me.

Sarah is whatever you would call the opposite of shy (outgoing?), but her eldest daughter has struggled to make new friends.  She found this advice from Laura at Little Bits of Granola to be so helpful for an outgoing mom raising a shy kid!

Facebook Thread

facebook capture

The most popular thread from our #ETHANproject Facebook Group was all about what each lady looks for in a friend. Click the image above to see what everyone had to say!

Obviously, my first question when making a new friend is if she likes chocolate. If she doesn’t I just don’t think it will work 😉


The Funny in Mommy

funny in mommy

Brooke at “The Funny in Mommy” is our featured blogger this week with her incredibly creative friendship article entitled Finding Friends in Taco Dip. Who would have thought a special taco dip recipe would make produce a life long friend?

life in mommy1

 We also loved this incredibly humorous article from her blog, Top 8 Phrases I Say to Get My Kids to Do What I Want…(Don’t Judge.) If you are looking for a bit of humor in the struggles of being a mom and a woman be sure to follow “The Funny in Mommy” on Facebook!

Featured Mom

Jacque R.

nominated by Melanie M.

jac mel
Jacque (left) and Melanie (right)

Our #ETHANproject Mom of the Week is none other than my own sister-in-law!! Yes, I am a little excited! She TOTALLY deserves this as she is SUPER MOM and I am SO thankful that her BFF nominated her.

Here is why Melanie thinks Jacque is our Mom of the Week:

Jacque is a superior mom of 2 almost 3 sweet little ones. She always puts others first and pushes and encourages me to keep going when the struggles of motherhood are deep and rough. She has been the biggest encouragement to me in my faith and pursuit to be a mom who loves the Lord in all that I do and to extend Christ’s abundant love to my children. -Melanie

Click here to nominate a mom who has inspired you.

Your NEXT Challenge!

This week we are switching our focus from friendship to beauty.  Do you ever get so caught up in your to-do list that you forget to stop and enjoy the view? 

Here are the details of your next #ETHANproject Challenge:

This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an "ETHAN Mom" this summer. Our 10-Week Summer Challenge will help you STOP and ENJOY your kids and create unique memories.

Sammi & Sarah’s Challenge 2 Story

Sammi & I have been working so hard to get the #ETHANproject off the ground; making sure everything is in place for the many bloggers we have participating.  Taking the time to get out with our kids and enjoy the view (no work talk allowed) was exactly what we needed to re-charge our batteries and refresh our perspective!  

We took tons of photos of the day and put together our story for you in a slideshow.  {Read More}


This Week’s #ETHANproject Blogger Link-Up

This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an “ETHAN Mom” this summer!  We have invited our fellow bloggers to stop by each week and share their favorite posts about motherhood, simple living, summer fun, and easy recipes.  Everything you need to help you STOP and ENJOY the summer with your kids!

All bloggers are welcome to share up to 3 posts per week at our link-up.  We have a few simple rules that we expect everyone to follow.  If you haven’t yet read our #ETHANproject Blogger Link-Up Guidelines please do so now by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Truly made my morning… If it had not been for the friend inspired by the post, I would have never posted it! She is pretty cool!

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