#ETHANproject Summer Challenge 7 + Blogger Link-up

Last week we got down and dirty when we took the time to “ENJOY the Dirt” with our kids.  This week, we are slowing down and enjoying the sound of motherhood.

Before we get to the next challenge, we want to take a moment to feature some of our favorites from this past week!

**If you aren’t familiar with the #ETHANproject Summer Challenge for Moms, click here for all the details.

This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an "ETHAN Mom" this summer. Our 10-Week Summer Challenge will help you STOP and ENJOY your kids and create unique memories.

Features from Challenge #6: Enjoy the Dirt

Reader Story


Our favorite reader story from social media (be sure to use the #ETHANproject when you share your stories!) was from Mackenzie at Crafty Bonds. Her little cutie is a future archeologist! Our only question, what types of dinosaur bones did she find? 😉



Enjoy the Dirt

Peony and Pine

The most popular article from our #ETHANproject Link-up was from Rosie at Peony and Pine! We love how she got down in the dirt along with her little guy in their backyard sandbox. Way to go Mama!

I typically don’t play in the sandbox a lot since Bug will play by himself in there for a long time and that gives me time to do other things in the yard. Today though I got down and played for a long time with him. Eventually he climbed out and started climbing on me which is generally the signal that he’s all done with something. Here’s the proof that we both got messy and enjoyed the dirt! -Rosie

Facebook Thread


The most popular thread from our #ETHANproject Facebook Group was all about answering this fun question:

If you could have had the starring role in one film already made, which film would you pick?

Let us know your answer by clicking on the image above!


choose happy

This week’s featured #ETHANproject blogger is Becky from Choose Happy! Don’t you just love her blog name?! There is something for everyone on her blog including travel tales, outfit ideas, and recipes. We really enjoyed how her family enjoyed the dirt this week while on vacation!

choose happy1

Choose Happy by Enjoying the Dirt

Choose Happy

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Featured Mom

Patti A.

nominated by Daisy Rain Martin

(L to R) Dani, Patti, Daisy, Shayne

This story touched our hearts as we could truly see why Patti deserves to be our #ETHANproject Mom of the Week! Congratulations, Patti, you deserve it!

Patti was a single mom for many years and still managed to handily raise three wonderful, caring, ambitious, and beautiful children: Dusty-24, Shayne-20, and Dani-18. Additionally, she has been a pillar in education with more than 20 years experience pouring hope and excellence into the lives of hundreds of other people’s children. Her heart shines brightly in this world every day, and I love her. -Daisy

We have enjoyed featuring a new mom each week throughout the challenge.  Do you have a mom friend who has inspired you to stop and enjoy the here and now?  We would love for you to nominate her to be next week’s Featured #ETHANproject Mom!

Click here to nominate a mom who has inspired you.

Your NEXT Challenge! Week 7 Challenge

Sammi & Sarah’s Challenge Story

stop and listen pinnable

As mothers, we often get so caught up in the task of the moment that we forget to stop and listen.  So for this week’s challenge, I made a commitment to slow down and listen more often throughout the day; you won’t believe what I heard.

My life is full of the sound of motherhood, and from where I am standing….it sounds a lot like LOVE!  Every once in a while my children will actually tell me they love me, but I have realized that I don’t need to wait for those special moments to feel loved by my kids.

I just need to stop and listen to what they are REALLY saying when they ask for help, ask me to play, or create a masterpiece for me.  They are saying that I am important to them, that they need me, and that they love me! {read full article}

#ETHANproject Blogger Link-Up

This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an “ETHAN Mom” this summer!  We have invited our fellow bloggers to stop by each week and share their favorite posts about motherhood, simple living, summer fun, and easy recipes.  Everything you need to help you STOP and ENJOY the summer with your kids!

All bloggers are welcome to share up to 3 posts per week at our link-up.  We have a few simple rules that we expect everyone to follow.  If you haven’t yet read our #ETHANproject Blogger Link-Up Guidelines please do so now by clicking here.

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  1. Very well done ladies! I am loving all your ETHANPROJECT vision and hard work. It’s turned out great!

  2. Thanks for the party! I linked up one of my family’s favorite one pot meals! Happy Friday!

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