#ETHANproject Summer Challenge 8 + Blogger Link-up

When we began developing the 10-week #ETHANproject Summer Challenge,we had just planned on doing it for our own readers.  But we are so glad we decided think bigger and invite other bloggers to join in the fun.  It has been such a wonderful experience to connect to other moms throughout these simple challenges.  

If you are a mom and you haven’t taken the time to join us yet, we just happened to save the best for last.  The final 3 challenges are awesome!  Here’s a link to the downloadable PDF schedule.  We are looking forward to enjoying something new this week and can’t wait to enjoy the drive next week.

We still haven’t decided how we are going to enjoy the mess for the final challenge, but we know it will be EPIC!  Won’t you join us?

Before we get to the next challenge, we want to take a moment to feature some of our favorites from this past week!

**If you aren’t familiar with the #ETHANproject Summer Challenge for Moms, click here for all the details.

This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an "ETHAN Mom" this summer. Our 10-Week Summer Challenge will help you STOP and ENJOY your kids and create unique memories.

Features from Challenge #7: Enjoy the Sound

Reader Story


Our favorite reader story from social media (be sure to use the #ETHANproject when you share your stories!) is so cool! Rosie from Peony and Pine tagged us on Instagram to show us how she taught her children to make a Sound Map. The instructions are here and Rosie tells us about her kids and the activity:

It’s surprising how much you can hear in just a few minutes of quiet. The amazing thing is that the longer they manage to sit still the more they see around them and the longer they want to sit there quietly making observations. -Rosie



Enjoy the Sound

Lines from the Vine

The most popular article from our #ETHANproject Link-up was from Tracy at Lines from the Vine! They are celebrating their first grandchild this week and admitted it was incredibly easy for them to enjoy the sound as their new grand-baby found his voice. Tracy even included a sweet video of the sweet sounds of a newborn!

Facebook Thread


The most popular thread(s) from our #ETHANproject Facebook Group was all about birthday party ideas! You won’t want to miss these and, of course, we want to hear yours! Click HERE to join the fun!


pratical mommy

Our favorite #ETHANproject blogger is Kristin from Practical Mommy! Kristin admits she is a stressed out mom too sometimes! She created Practical Mommy to be a “a place for women to come together to share positive stories and experiences about life as a Mommy.” She shares parenting advice, simple recipes, easy crafts, DIY (really, really easy!), and quick video tips. We know you will love her as much as we do!

four little children splashing and having fun in their yard,summer play

5 Ways to Enjoy the Sounds of Summer

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Featured Mom

Jenn S.

nominated by Brooke H.jenn1

Our #ETHANproject Mom of the Week is the hard working and caring Jenn S. Her friend, Brooke, submitted these heartwarming words to help us understand why Jenn deserves to be featured:

Jenn is completely selfless and unconditionally compassionate. She listens to my dreams and problems, loving me no matter what. She not only does all she can to ensure her daughters achieve their dreams but she also works to fulfill her own as a photographer at her business, Pretty in Pics Photography! I just love her! -Brooke

Click here to nominate a mom who has inspired you.

Your NEXT Challenge!

Week 8 Challenge Graphic

Sammi & Sarah’s Challenge Story


For those of you that follow our blog, it will come as no surprise to you that I will be sharing a new recipe with you this week as our challenge! I don’t know about you, but sometimes it is so hard to get my kids to enjoy new foods, especially new healthy recipes. These Mint-Chocolate Chip Popsicles have been such a wonderful “new” addition to our summer!

I fully expected my kids to turn up their noses at this healthy popsicle recipe. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my kids were actually begging me for more. Mommy win, oh ya! – Sammi {read full article}

#ETHANproject Blogger Link-Up

This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an “ETHAN Mom” this summer!  We have invited our fellow bloggers to stop by each week and share their favorite posts about motherhood, simple living, summer fun, and easy recipes.  Everything you need to help you STOP and ENJOY the summer with your kids!

All bloggers are welcome to share up to 3 posts per week at our link-up.  We have a few simple rules that we expect everyone to follow.  If you haven’t yet read our #ETHANproject Blogger Link-Up Guidelines please do so now by clicking here.

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