#ETHANproject Summer Challenge 9 + Blogger Link-up

Welcome to week 9 of the #ETHANproject Summer Challenge.  Sammi went shopping for school supplies this week; we can barely believe that our kids are back to school in less than a month!   We have grown so close to our children this summer and it will take us a while to get used to the hectic fall schedule.

Although there have been times that we have wondered what we were thinking when we took on the #ETHANproject summer challenge, we are so grateful we have persevered and completed all 8 of the challenges so far. Before we get to the next challenge, we want to take a moment to feature some of our favorites from this past week!

**If you aren’t familiar with the #ETHANproject Summer Challenge for Moms, click here for all the details.

This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an "ETHAN Mom" this summer. Our 10-Week Summer Challenge will help you STOP and ENJOY your kids and create unique memories.

Features from Challenge #8: Enjoy Something New

Reader Story


Our favorite reader story from social media (be sure to use the #ETHANproject when you share your stories!) is from Becky at Choose Happy! We were not familiar with Hello Fresh and the delicious ingredients shipped directly to your door! Check out the amazing referral code she shares so we too can try this fun “new” experience! 


BeFunky Collage

How to Make Trying New Food FUN for Your Picky Eater

Sandy Litcher Blog

The most popular article from our #ETHANproject Link-up is such a great idea- A summer food tasting! What a fun way to try something new with friends! That is our kind of fun 🙂

Facebook Thread

Screenshot 2015-07-30 11.41.50

The most popular thread(s) from our #ETHANproject Facebook Group is all about eating out! So tell us, do you like to try “new” foods when you eat out? Click HERE to join the fun!



Enjoy the New

Lines from the Vine

Our favorite #ETHANproject blogger story is from Tracy at Lines from the Vine. She was featured as our most clicked on “Enjoy the Sound” article last week with the birth of her first grand-baby. Well, did you notice the little safety pin inside the larger safety pin?? You got it, she found out she was expecting as well!! This baby will be blessing #14 🙂 Congratulations!

Featured Mom

life group complete
(L to R) Koontz, Ricke x2, Allmer, Hutcheson, and Johnson Families

We are super excited to nominate the ladies from our small group to be the #ETHANproject Featured Mom(s) this week.  Here’s the scoop on these amazing women:

“Distance now separates us, but one thing will remain forever true: you ladies inspire us to be the kind of wives, mothers, and friends that God created us to be.  Thank you for loving us, praying for us, supporting us, and cheering us through life’s peaks and valleys.  Our friendship is forever; our love for you is undying.” – Sammi & Sarah

Click here to nominate a mom who has inspired you.

Your NEXT Challenge!Week 9 Challenge Graphic

Sammi & Sarah’s Challenge Story

drive pinnable

This week, our challenge was to “ENJOY the Drive” with our children.  Sammi and I knew right away what we wanted to do.  We have a local trolley that gives tours of our town and we have always wanted to take the children on it.

Sammi and I have both chosen to live in the town where we grew up, surrounded by family and the memories of our childhood.  It was such a treat to take our children on the trolley tour and share some of our favorite childhood memories of our town with them.

{Click Here} to read our 10 creative ways to share your hometown with your kids.

#ETHANproject Blogger Link-Up

This is where you can come each week to find inspiration and encouragement to help you be an “ETHAN Mom” this summer!  We have invited our fellow bloggers to stop by each week and share their favorite posts about motherhood, simple living, summer fun, and easy recipes.  Everything you need to help you STOP and ENJOY the summer with your kids!

All bloggers are welcome to share up to 3 posts per week at our link-up.  We have a few simple rules that we expect everyone to follow.  If you haven’t yet read our #ETHANproject Blogger Link-Up Guidelines please do so now by clicking here.

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