Foods That Cause YOU Stress

This awesome post, The 5 Foods That Cause YOU Stress, is from my friend, Sarah, at I think at least one, if not all, of these 5 foods may surprise you!

Have you been feeling stressed lately?

Have you changed your diet?

Did you know that some foods can actually cause stress?

You may be surprised to learn that these 5 foods can actually cause you stress. {I know, I always thought French fries could cure everything too. 😉 }

5 Foods That Cause Stress Junk Food

Let’s start with the obvious;  junk food. The science behind this is that junk food does a pretty good job at filling your cravings momentarily.

However, what really happens is that your body is deprived of a balanced diet.

The minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients are absent in this type of diet. This means that your body cells function under stress because of they are deprived of these important nutrients.

These donuts and donut holes contain sugar that is a stressor. Sugars

In this category, it’s important to mention that sugar is very essential in your body.

With that said, the problem lies with processed or refined sugar. I’m sure you’ve heard of a “sugar rush”?

It may feel awesome at first, but the aftermath is awful. You feel as if you’ve suddenly sunk into depression. All this is as a result of consuming refined sugar. Honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar are excellent alternatives. Limiting all sugar intake is advised.

coffee beans and black coffeeCoffee

This is a no brainer. I am sure you’ve seen how addictive coffee can be.

For years, science has proven that the overuse of coffee (caffeine & acidity) causes stress.

According to a research journal published in PubMed, caffeine enhances the production of cortisol by the adrenal gland. This hormone is responsible for activating stress in your body. Try to only drink a cup or two daily.

foods that cause stress include saltSalt

Don’t get me wrong, your body needs a healthy dose of sodium chloride. However, too much salt can actually cause you stress. Salt contains sodium which causes water retention in your body cells. This condition can lead to high blood pressure.

On that note, don’t think of table salt as the only hazard, most processed foods contain a heavy dose of sodium.

Foods such as smoked meats, cheese, and sandwich additions like mayonnaise contain loads of salt as a preservative.

5 Foods That Cause Stress include these French fries. Fried Foods

You can’t argue that fried foods do taste good. However, fried foods should be eaten sparingly. 

First of all, too much fat can result in obesity which is stressful on its own.

Secondly, research done on rats showed that trans-fat can cause anxiety. The same effect is replicated in your body. To be safe, indulge in fried foods once in awhile but don’t make it a daily thing.

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5 Foods That Cause You Stress | Do you know the five main foods that cause anxiety? Did you know french fries don't cure all ailments? ;) Me neither! Stress relief can happen by reducing these sweet, salty, fried, and caffeine rich foods from your diet. The effects of stress are a shorter life and poor quality of life. No thanks! Goodbye junk food, hello healthy eating! The Bottom Line

Okay, let’s get down to the brass tacks: 

Eating healthy is not always the easy route, but TOTALLY worth it!

Your diet can either weigh you down or allow you to have an extremely energetic life.

I am not advocating a strict diet. A girl likes to indulge every once in awhile. However, don’t over-do it as you will live longer when you are happy and stress-free. 

Let’s strive to add less foods that cause stress!

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Sarah is the editor of relaxeveryday. Finding aromatherapy at a stressful point in her life made all the difference to her health. She promotes a healthy, relaxed, and calmer life that includes foods for stress and wants to help others do the same.






  1. Nice article, Sammi! I totally agree when you said that we can live longer when we’re happy and stress-free! Thanks for the advice.

  2. There is some great advice in this post, Sammi! Eating well definitely is worth it – you really do feel so much better. Sharing on Twitter and Pinterest. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of Hearth and Soul.

  3. Great list! We avoid fast food as a family and I’ve become more aware of buying ‘no salt added’ foods. Visiting from Mini Linky Party.

    • I wish I could say we avoid fast food as a hard and fast rule, but we certainly try to not make a habit of it. Thanks, Victoria, for sharing how your family avoids stressful foods. 🙂

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