Grounded & Surrounded Recipe Collection

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Welcome to the Grounded u0026amp; Surrounded Recipe Collection! We believe that you can transform the health of your family one whole food at a time, and it is our goal to create resources and recipes to help you succeed.

All of our recipes are packed with whole food ingredients and can be adapted to fit a gluten-free lifestyle.

Making healthy choices in your diet is the ultimate form of self-control.  It is easy to aim for perfection and fall into depression when you fall short.  Please don’t do this to yourself.

Instead aim for moderation and celebrate when you achieve anything above and beyond that.

Here at Grounded u0026amp; Surrounded, you will only find the most delicious and nutritious recipes.  These are the recipes we use in our own homes and many of them have become favorites that we cook time and time again for our families.

Whether your goal is weight loss or clean eating, our recipes were created  to inspire you to try new flavors and experiment in the kitchen.  We love good tasting food and are confident that you will enjoy our flavor combinations and nutritious recipe makeovers.

We recommend that everyone eat clean and nutritious food 80% of the time.  The other 20% is flexible.

If weight loss is a priority, then your splurges might be smaller and less frequent.  If you are at your optimal weight or if you are not currently trying to lose, then take full advantage of that 20% and enjoy your favorite foods in moderation.

We have divided our recipe collection into three categories for your convenience.  Below you will find a description of each category along with a selection of our favorite recipes. If you have a recipe you would like our resident foodie to “healthify”, please e-mail her directly at sammi.ricke(at)


Which category best fits your needs: Slim, Sustain, or Splurge?


category 1 slim2


This collection of recipes is perfect for anyone who is trying to shed a few pounds.  In this category, we focus on lowering the calories, using natural sweeteners, and bumping up the whole food count.  Our Slim recipes allow you to enjoy your favorite treats like donuts and brownies, without any of the guilt!  There is nothing that brings us more satisfaction than when we prepare a meal or treat from this section and our family gobbles it all up……none the wiser!

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category 2 Sustain2


This is by far our favorite category of recipes.   We are all about living a balanced lifestyle, and these recipes are full of moderation.  You may find one or two luxurious ingredients, but they are always balanced out with nutrient dense super foods.  If you want to make progress with your health goals, the best thing you can do is “always make the better choice.” Toss out perfection for the sake of progression! This recipe collection is quite progressive.

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category 3 splurge.


We encourage our readers to enjoy the full spectrum of flavors that life has to offer. With that said, we simply want to teach you how to splurge in style.   This collection is full of what we like to call “gateway foods.”  They are healthier than the alternative options, but not as nutritious as our other categories.  We recognize that the best sort of change happens in phases, and these recipes are a great place to start healtifying your family meals.  Although we love these recipes, we only occasionally make them for our families. These are special treats meant to be enjoyed in moderation!

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healthy food

We have found that we are able to maintain our weight and health by eating 60% SLIM, 30% SUSTAIN, and 10% SPLURGE.  When we are focusing on weight loss or trying to improve our health, we prefer to be at 80% SLIM, 15% SUSTAIN and 5% SPLURGE.

These ratios work well for us, and we hope they serve as a guide for you as you begin you own journey towards healthier eating.

We encourage you to make any diet changes slowly.  Try not to shift more than 10-15% in any particular week.  This gives your body, soul and spirit time to adjust!  Consuming a healthy diet is as much emotional as it is physical, never forget that!

If you have any recipe ideas, questions or requests, please send them directly to our resident “Foodie” at sammi.ricke(at)


Now it’s time to pick your favorite Recipe Section and dig into the Grounded u0026amp; Surrounded Recipe Collection!