A Healthy Alternative to your Morning Cup of Coffee

Dr. Ray Strand shares a healthy alternative to addictive stimulates found in most energy drinks, coffee, and caffeinated beverages. Would you like a healthy alternative to your morning cup of joe, latte, or espresso? https://happihomemade.com/healthy-alternative-coffee/

By: Ray D. Strand, M.D.

I am very excited to introduce you all to my father, Dr. Ray Strand.  My dad is a physician who specializes in Nutritional and Preventive Medicine.  He has agreed to be a contributing author here at Grounded & Surrounded, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Sammi and I have learned so much about health and nutrition from this man, and you guys are going to love his educational articles.  Don’t forget to enter to win our April ARIIX Giveaway GRAND PRIZE (details at the end of this article), and follow our social media channels all month long for our weekly FLASH giveaways. -Sarah

The other day I was making a rare visit to our local Starbucks to get some Refresh Tea, which is my wife’s favorite tea.  The gentleman in front of me ordered a Grande Mocha with four extra shots of espresso.  Next, I stopped by the local convenience store to fill my car with gas and the lady in front of me in line was getting her 65 ounce Big Gulp soda.

Unfortunately the consumption of addictive stimulants like caffeine has become normal in our society and as the demand has increased so has the availability.  There is now a Starbucks, Seattle Coffee or some kind of coffee shack on every corner, and the sheer volume of soda that is being consumed is truly frightening.

Fast paced lifestyles, demanding jobs and the down economy are just a few of the reasons that people are fatigued, stressed out and just plain overwhelmed.  Where a cup of coffee or a can of soda used to be an occasional treat, it now seems to be a daily ritual for the majority of our society. 

Dr. Ray Strand shares a healthy alternative to addictive stimulates found in most energy drinks, coffee, and caffeinated beverages. Would you like a healthy alternative to your morning cup of joe, latte, or espresso? https://happihomemade.com/healthy-alternative-coffee/

I know how easy it can be to rely on that morning cup of coffee, or the quick pick me up that an energy drink will offer during the afternoon hours, but I hope that you will begin to think twice.  Not only are energy drinks harmful to your health, they are also counterproductive.   

What makes you feel good for an hour or two is the reason you are so tired later in the day and in need of another pick me up.

I would encourage you to keep track of the amount of caffeine that you are consuming on a daily basis, and work to lower that to an acceptable range.  If you are looking for an alternative option to consuming these harmful and addictive beverages, I think you will like what I have to say next.

The Healthy Alternative

ARIIX has developed a wonderful product called RejuveniixThis is a blend of some of the most potent superfruit antioxidants, booster blend, along with natural caffeine.  This is balanced with the addition of kava kava root extract that has a natural relaxation effect.

Dr. Ray Strand shares a healthy alternative to addictive stimulates found in most energy drinks. | Grounded & Surrounded

When you put all of this together you have a supplement that will increase your alertness and energy as it gives you additional antioxidant support, which will boost your immune function.

I have always promoted the concept of oxidative stress and that balance is the key.  You want to have more antioxidants on board than the number of free radicals you produce.  Rejuveniix provides excellent doses of a mixture of fruit bioflavanoid antioxidants that will help bring oxidative stress back under control.Dr. Ray Strand shares a healthy alternative to addictive stimulates found in most energy drinks. | Grounded & Surrounded

It also adds natural caffeine and balances this stimulatory effect with the calming aspect of kava kava.   I recommend this product to anyone who desires more energy and alertness.  It is also a wonderful product for my patients who suffer from any kind of fatigue syndrome.

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  1. i love my coffee and my coca cola

  2. brittani adams

    I honestly don’t know. Is it weird I don’t notice or feel caffiene working for me ever? I drink coffee once in a blue moon but I do drink soda from time to time too and even have tried energy drinks but they don’t do much for my energy.

  3. Jennifer Herman

    My got to energy source is a strong cup of coffee.

  4. i am a caffeine girl especially a coffee and tea lover.

  5. It is so easy to become reliant on caffeine and stimulants. Balance is definitely key and a great alternative to these substances is wonderful too. I was interested to read about Rejunveniix – it sounds like a very wholesome alternative!

  6. I am so addicted to coffee! I try to keep it to only 2 cups a day and usually without anything else added to it!

  7. I would love to try this and see if it works for me! I rely on coffee to keep me sane!

  8. A tall glass of water is a great energy boots.thanks for sharing.

  9. Kim Henrichs

    Honestly an almond and craisin mix! I love it.

  10. I get my energy from the morning Sunshine.

  11. I’m curious if there is anyone who wouldn’t do well on the Rejuveniix. I would love to hear his experience with some of his patients who take this. I like the part about more energy. 🙂

  12. I rely on nuts, fruits and legumes for an energy boost. And sometimes it’s just a matter of hydrating with a glass of water. This looks like a great product to try! For some reason (perhaps genetic) the caffeine in black tea has no effect on me, but the caffeine in coffee does terrible things to me!

  13. I drink tea every day and I start my day with a morning workout.

  14. Kathryn Hyatt

    Hot water with lemon and honey helps me start my day.

  15. Kaylin Bruce

    My go-to energy source is my good old coffee. 🙂

  16. I drink a couple of cups of green tea!

  17. I have been on a journey of following health for the past few years. I, too, LOVE coffee and am often caught whispering my ‘I love yous” to my hug of love in a mug! I recently switched to decaf and haven’t missed a beat. A few years ago, I cut out the artificial stuff that I couldn’t pronounce. I thought, “If it comes from a plant, it’s okay, but if it’s created in a plant, not so much!” Love this post and this reminder to continue pursuing health!

  18. Wow! What a great post! Love these alternatives! I drink alot of coffee! Thank you so so so much for coming to Making Memories Mondays!

  19. Mine is coffee.

  20. Thanks for the great information; I’ve been working to cut my coffee consumption.

  21. I love to start my day with a healthy smoothie. Including protein and healthy fats ensures that it will keep me going until lunch! My SO, however, is a caffeine addict in the form of coffee and cola. Maybe I can convince him to try this if I win 😉

  22. Thank you so much Dr. Ray Strand for contributing here! Looking forward to read more! It is so nice to hear a Dr. say that coffee isn’t good for you. I live without caffeine, totally. It started with feeling sick after consuming coffee. A green smoothy, a fruit, along with nuts and seeds are my alternatives.

  23. I am definitely addicted to caffeine and coffee in particular. I tried to stop drinking it a few weeks ago – didn’t even last a day. A lot of people also take their coffee with artificial creamers that are so bad for you. I just got my husband to switch to vanilla flavored Almond milk, which is a step up at least. With a Starbucks on every corner, it’s hard to really understand that it’s not a great idea to walk around with a coffee 24/7.

    • I TOTALLY agree, Kristin! It is almost abnormal these days to not have a coffee in your hand. I really like the Coffee-Mate Natural Vanilla Creamer when I don’t make my own 🙂 Minimal ingredients and tasty, maybe your hubby would like it!

  24. Always good to see healthy alternatives to the standard American diet.

  25. what great article;)

  26. How cool!!! I am so excited that he will be contributing here! Definitely looking forward to what he has to say! (And what a great giveaway!) =)

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