Enjoying the Sound of Motherhood

Welcome to week 7 of the “ENJOY the HERE and NOW” Summer Challenge.  This week we are finding a new way to “ENJOY the Sound” of motherhood.

Your challenge this week is to stop and listen for the Sound of Motherhood; the little ways your kids say I love you every day.

By: Sarah Koontz

As mothers, we often get so caught up in the task of the moment that we forget to stop and listen.  So for this week’s challenge, I made a commitment to slow down and listen more often throughout the day; you won’t believe what I heard.

When my kids were playing make believe “mommy and daughter” in the back seat of the van, I heard my own voice coming out of my daughter’s mouth as she cared for her little baby.

When my children set up a tea party in the basement and asked me to be a “different person” each time I visited, I heard them say that they love my crazy characters (like the old grandma who turns into a beautiful princess when she eats a cookie, or the talking dog who transforms into a human when she eats just one bite of pink cake).

When I caught my husband and two daughters on the couch watching their favorite tv show (Ninja Warrior….don’t ask….I have no clue how my 6 & 7-year-old daughters became obsessed with that show), I stopped for a moment and just listened.  As they were conversing about the show, I heard the sound of a father who loves his children and is patient enough to answer each and every one of the questions they were throwing his way.

Your challenge this week is to stop and listen for the Sound of Motherhood; the little ways your kids say I love you every day.

But there is one thing I heard time and time again throughout the week, and it was not what I was expecting to hear.

I heard it when they brought me a dandelion….. “Mommy, I picked this for you.

I heard it in their voices when I got back from an evening out with a friend…. “I missed you.

I heard it when my oldest wrapped her arms around me while I was cleaning…..“Mom, can I have some snuggles and tickles?

I heard it when my youngest approached with expectation……“Mommy, can we play a game?

I heard it when they called from the computer game they were playing….. “Come see what I did.

I heard it when they asked for help……“Can you help me pick out my clothes?

I heard it at bedtime…..”Mom, this was the best day ever in 300 days!

I heard it when they joined me in the garden….”I’m here to help you hunt for potato bugs.

Once I started truly listening to my children, I could NOT STOP HEARING IT.

Because of this “ENJOY the Sound” Challenge,  I discovered that my children tell me they love me in hundreds of little ways each and every day. All I had to do was slow down and listen for it.

My life is full of the sound of motherhood, and from where I am standing….it sounds a lot like LOVE!  Every once in a while my children will actually tell me they love me, but I have realized that I don’t need to wait for those special moments to feel loved by my kids.

I just need to stop and listen to what they are REALLY saying when they ask for help, ask me to play, or create a masterpiece for me.  They are saying that I am important to them, that they need me, and that they love me!

Your challenge this week is to stop and listen for the Sound of Motherhood; the little ways your kids say I love you every day.

So I challenge you to take the time to “ENJOY the Sound” of motherhood this week by slowing down and listening for all of the little ways your kids tell you they love you each and every day. 

It is the most beautiful sound in the whole world and it makes you feel like every sacrifice you have ever made for your children was totally worth it.

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