VLOG: Best Foodie Friends

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By: Sammi & Sarah

What in the world is a Best Foodie Friend?  Well, we are so glad you asked!  The Grounded & Surrounded Dictionary defines it as such:

“A Best Foodie Friend (or BFF) is a friend who shares your food goals.  A person who supports you on your food journey in emotional and practical ways.  Someone you can always count on for great recipes, finding deals, and moral support.”

We have been BFF’s for a few years now, and have discovered that our healthy living journey is so much more fun when you have a kindred spirit to share it with!  We are constantly talking about food, sharing food, and preparing food together.  Honestly, we are OBSESSED with GOOD FOOD!

We have had so much fun connecting as Best Foodie Friends, we wrote an article last November titled “The TOP 10 Reasons Everyone NEEDS a Best Foodie Friend.”  But one little article was simply not enough, so we decided to put together this video blog about it.

We had so much fun making this one for you all, so grab a healthy snack and ENJOY!

BTW….the day we took this video we were preparing our Snow Crepes for the Rapid City Journal….YUM!  Click HERE for the Recipe.

Do you have a best foodie friend?  Tell us about them….

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  1. I enjoyed watching this! I have some friends who understand my eating, and it is great! We let each other know when the gallon size of palm shortening (from Tropical Traditions is on sale.) 🙂 Everyone gets excited about that right?! 🙂

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