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This Freebies page is the best, am I right?

I like free stuff, you like free, everyone likes free stuff. 

You will love all the free goodies we have for you below!


We just love freebies.  And we love people who love freebies pages.  So, if you are a person who likes to get great stuff for FREE, then we think you are going to like it around here.

It is our mission here at Grounded & Surrounded to create fantastic resources to help you live a healthier life.  We know how tight finances can be for young families, and we never want a tight budget to stand between you and the life-changing tools we have created.

Looking for a free e-course to help you take your healthy living journey to the next level? We’ve got it!

Looking for a free cookbook that is loaded with nutritious and delicious salad recipes? We’ve got it!

Looking to brush up on your gardening skills with a free 12-day Gardening Inspiration E-Series? We’ve got it!

And this is just the beginning, folks.  We have some FANTASTIC free products in development right now and hope to keep rolling them out as quickly as possible.

Some of our freebies don’t even require an e-mail, because like we said above, we don’t want anything to stand between you and this inspiring information.

Click the images below to access some great free content, and if you like what you see….please share us with your freebie loving friends.

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I so appreciate all of you who have stuck with my rebranding from Grounded and Surrounded to HappiHomemade with Sammi Ricke. It’s been a journey and I am always grateful for you that have made it possible. 
While I am not pumping out as many freebies as before I am still offering you free recipes. Yay for that! 
What recipes and freebies would you like to see from here on out? Do you have food allergies or picky eaters? 
Let me help! I love to create recipes specifically for you!

Thanks again for stopping by my fun Freebies Page!