Meet Sammi Ricke


Meet Sammi Ricke of HappiHomemade

Biography Written by Sarah Koontz

Sammi Ricke was born and raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She is married to her high school sweetheart and loves her life as the wife of a firefighter. They have three beautiful children and have pinched pennies to move from their home in the city to a retreat in the countryside.

Sammi is a beautiful person. She is kind and generous, full of love and life.  She is self-deprecating to a fault, but her unassuming presence makes you feel immediately at ease around her. Her husband and kids adore her, and she works so hard to provide a beautiful home and delicious, healthy meals for them.  

Sammi Ricke sitting in a chair Sammi Ricke is a talented cook and recipe creator. If I didn’t watch her put all those healthful ingredients in her treats and meals, I would never believe it! Her food tastes amazing, and she is always searching for ways to take healthy cooking to the next level in the flavor department!

Sammi’s organizational skills are off the charts! You all should see her recipe binder…it’s epic! She is patient in the kitchen, willing to test recipes and tweak them until they are just perfect. 

If you follow along on the HappiHomemade Facebook Page, then you know that she has created one of the most fun, engaging, and inspiring Facebook feeds in the blogosphere (and you are truly missing out if you haven’t followed yet). I won’t even get into how obsessed she is with Pinterest

If you have a recipe you would like Sammi to try or “healthify”, please e-mail her directly at sammi.ricke(at)

Sammi Ricke outside
  • Favorite Food: Tacos!
  • Family: Married to Ryan in 2006, 3 children (Talia – Age 14, Brady – Age 12, Jaxon- Age 3)
  • Claim to Fame: I have set my microwave on fire 3 times, and it still works!
  • Favorite TV Shows: 1. I have all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD & my sister and I often have conversations using only show quotes. We are awesome like that. 2. Downton Abbey – And yes, I am still mourning the loss of Matthew. Not cool show writers, not cool.
  • Confession: I am obsessed with the weather, my weather app, our weather station on our counter. All. of. it. I should have been a meteorologist!
  • Hobbies: Toddler wrangling, reading, Amazon Prime officianado, reorganizing the pantry (nerd alert!), hiking, biking
  • Least Favorite Food: Beets! I’ve tried them ALOT, people…it’s just not going to happen.
  • Pets: Georgie our beautiful outdoor cat who is white with blue eyes. He is a fierce hunter yet has such a kind soul. I can’t forget to mention our 14 hens and rooster!
  • Favorite Bloggers: I simply adore Lauren from Oatmeal with a Fork, Bailey from Basics with Bails, and Victoria from Dash of Savory!
  • Sentimental: I love being a mom and a homemaker! It’s literally the BEST thing that has EVER happened to me. I never thought I would “grow up” to say that, but I guess life is full of surprises.

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 Photography by Kristi from Picture Perfect Portraits.