5 Steps to Success for Bloggers

I have been a blogger for 6 months now.  I know….just 6 months and you think you know enough to offer advice to other bloggers?

Here’s the deal.  I haven’t been blogging long, but I have been an entrepreneur since my 18th birthday (which was almost 15 years ago…if you happened to be wondering my age).

Bloggers who focus on creating VALUE, learning PATIENCE and developing their WHY are giving themselves the very best chance at being a SUCCESS. https://happihomemade.com/5-steps-to-success-bloggers/

By: Sarah Koontz

Over the past 15 years, I have learned a lot about business.  I have learned a lot about people.  And I have learned how to get people interested in my business.

Today I am going to share with you what you can do in business TODAY to prepare yourself for success TOMORROW.  I wrote this article with my blogging friends in mind, but these principles can apply to any and all business ventures.

#1 – Discover Your WHY.

“If we have a big enough “why,” we will always discover the “how.” Tara Semisch

The day you started your blog, you took the first step towards achieving your dreams. Now it’s time for the hard work! It’s time to discover your WHY! Your WHY is the one thing that will motivate you towards your dreams no MATTER WHAT!

Set aside some time to watch the video on TED by Simon Sinek entitled “Start with Why”. I purchased his Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action book and read through it as well.

Understanding our own personal WHY is absolutely necessary if we want to be successful in any business.

#2 – Become a Professional

Treat your new blog like it is a multi-million dollar enterprise. Give your blog the respect it deserves, and strive to create a quality product for your readers.

Be consistent and do what you said you would do! It doesn’t matter if you have 5 followers or 5,000.

Give it your best, treat it like it is already a success and eventually it will be successful.

Bloggers who focus on creating VALUE, learning PATIENCE and developing their WHY are giving themselves the very best chance at being a SUCCESS. https://happihomemade.com/5-steps-to-success-bloggers/

#3 – Learn How to Invite

Before you ever think about making money at something, you must develop your skills and build trust with the people you are working with.

Opportunity finds people who are ready for it. People who are dedicated to being the absolute best version of themselves; people who are focused on becoming AWESOME at whatever it is they are passionate about. Those are the people who end up getting “lucky” time and time again. Those are the people who are at the TOP OF THEIR INDUSTRY, the people who have financial security.

The first thing a blogger must do is build their platform. You must set up your blog and start writing great content. Then you have to learn how to invite others to follow your blog.

If you never learn to invite, you will never be successful.

#4 – Build Your Community

When I started my blog here at Grounded & Surrounded, I thought that the main thing I would be doing as a blogger is writing. Boy, was I wrong! Blogging is, at it’s core, a networking business.

It is critical for bloggers to take the time to invest in one another. I believe that every bit of the success we have seen in our short time as bloggers has come from our willingness to give our best to others without expecting anything in return.

new year_timeline4

Our most recent project at Grounded & Surround was born out of our desire to support our blogging friends who are also moms through the summer months. If we hadn’t been building relationships with other mom bloggers, there is no way we would have understood their needs well enough to create a product to help meet those needs.

We are looking for a few more bloggers (who are also moms) to join us for the ‪#‎ETHANproject‬ Summer Challenge. It’s 10 dollars to participate & we give you everything you need to create 10-weeks worth of fun summertime posts (graphics, social media, writing prompts). We also have a growing facebook community and a link-up opportunity for additional exposure.

featured weekly g&s linkup

Weekly Link-Up at Grounded & Surrounded STARTS this Friday, May 29 at 5 am

Click here to learn more about how you can get involved with the #ETHANproject.

#5 – Develop Your Circles

My final piece of advice for you is to develop your blogging circles. I personally use Feedly to do this. I have defined three circles: Mentors (established bloggers you respect), Trainers (people who blog about blogging), and Peers (people in your niche with similar traffic and social numbers).

  1. Find 5 Mentor Blogs to follow.

  2. Find 5 Training Blogs to follow.

  3. Find 5-15 Peers to follow.

Once you have set up these circles, it is imperative that you WATCH what your mentors are doing, LEARN from the training blogs and INTERACT with your peers by commenting regularly on their blogs.

Bloggers who focus on creating VALUE, learning PATIENCE and developing their WHY are giving themselves the very best chance at being a SUCCESS. https://happihomemade.com/5-steps-to-success-bloggers/

This way you are following the EXAMPLE of your mentors, working to IMPROVE your skills through training and GROWING your circle of influence among your peers.

When you apply these 5 simple steps to your blog strategy you are creating VALUE, learning PATIENCE, developing your WHY and giving yourself the very best chance of SUCCESS.

What is going to motivate you to keep on pushing when you face rejection, you get tired, or distractions challenge your focus?


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  1. They said that blogging would be hard. I assumed it would be hard to keep coming up with things to write about. Wrong! I have no problem with subject, but networking is hard work that takes dedication!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this wisdom with us, Sarah!

    While I think all of your points are excellent, I find #1 to be the most important. If we aren’t driven by why we are doing what we are doing, the rest of it won’t matter.

    Pinning and sharing this! Thanks, again!

  3. I just love this post and your incredible insight! I read this a bit ago and have caught myself referring back to it in moments of laziness (ha!). I’m definitely working on putting this into practice. Thanks for being in my ‘circle’! And of course for linking up to ‘Favorite Things Friday’ with Simply Rachel & Hip Homeschooling! Love seeing you ladies there! =)

  4. I love when you link up posts that I just need to hear 😉 I blog every single day, the larger hurdle is promoting. Getting it out there takes so much time! That’s part of the reason I love this link up, it forces me to think outside myself and take a look at some other great blogs, to connect, to comment, to be inspired. Awesome advice. Thanks for sharing and linking up at Favorite things Friday!

  5. Thanks for all the tips.Making those connections is really important.
    Thanks for sharing on the Homestead blog Hop.

  6. Wow! You sound like a pro! I jumped into blogging a couple of years ago just as an outlet and to record the goings on of my family. I am just now starting to get hooked up with other bloggers and have been trying to promote it more. I really don’t like all the time you have to put into promoting yourself on social media. I would much rather just write. I feel like I have learned a lot but still have SO much to learn! Thanks so much for all your great tips! I will be pinning this for sure! Linking up with you at favorite things friday:)

    • Thank you Rebekah. I have enjoyed learning the business of blogging and it is so much more than writing. I look forward to the day when my blog is established enough that I can hire out a lot of the marketing, graphics, and social media……and pour all of my energy into writing.

  7. I blog about day planners and my community doesn’t just send readers to my blog, but feeds my soul. It’s so true that you need a good community to grow your blog.

    • Finding the right group of bloggers to support your efforts takes time. We have made good friends across many niches, but still aren’t seeing tons of referral traffic. I trust that so long as we keep on keepin’ on…..eventually the pieces will come together!

  8. Blogging sure is a steep learning curve. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  9. Such good advice! I have only been blogging for a few months and I absolutely love it, however I find myself getting overwhelmed at times with the amount of things I need to learn! These are great pointers, definitely pinning this! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from the Pin Junkie blog hop

    • It is super overwhelming, especially at the beginning. We are finally finding our rhythem and figuring out the best places to spend our time and energy.

  10. Great tips! I just started blogging seriously in April, and love posts like these. Pinning this to refer back to later. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hello there! Great post and tips. I only been blogging for 3 months and I’ve been fortunate to have found some great mentors. Developing your circles is certainly a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I found you at Get Your Shine On Link Up.

  12. You’ve included some really great advice in this post – and the ETHAN project sounds very inspiring! Pinned and will tweet this post. Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul hop.

  13. Thanks for sharing…i am fairly new and I appreciate your information

  14. I LOVE this advice, Sarah! You are a rock star and an inspiration to me! I’m so thankful our blogging paths crossed. 🙂 I’ll be sharing this great advice, today!

  15. Thanks for the information! I just started a blog, and I am trying very hard to learn everything I can and treat it like a multi-million dollar business. Your “six months ahead of me” view is incredibly helpful!

    • Amanda, we are so excited for you! Blogging has been such a fun experience so far, though I could have never imagined how much work would go into it! lol Can’t wait to get to know you better 🙂 Blessings to you on your own blogging journey!

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