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At Grounded & Surrounded WE LOVE natural and homemade products!  We will admit that we don’t always have the time or energy to make our own, so we are always on the lookout for a new and exciting ETSYpreneur.  It is just a bonus when this person happens to be a dear friend.

“Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods.”

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I have known Kelly and James McCarty for about 5 years.  They currently reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas (but all of their friends from Rapid City, SD are still hoping that they will move back here someday!).  The McCarty’s started raising their own bees a few years ago, and it has been so fun to watch them develop a new skill.  I won’t lie, when I saw this picture of their hive swarming on facebook, I thought they had gone a bit mad!  But we love them and we are so excited to share their Buzz Buzz LLC Lip Balms and Hand Salve with you!

Buzz Buzz LLC lip balm 1

All of the Buzz Buzz LLC lip balm and skin care products are hand crafted in small batches. The ingredients in our products are all natural. We like to keep things simple too. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you won’t find it on our label. Our bees are raised locally, right here in Fayetteville Arkansas without any harsh chemical intervention. So we at Buzz Buzz Apiaries like to think that with every application of our locally made beeswax lip balm and skin care products, you get a little taste of the Ozarks.  Click Here to see our Etsy Store.

Buzz Buzz LLC has been so generous to provide our readers with another Giveaway opportunity!  Grounded & Surrounded will be running the giveaway from January 5-14 and there are many ways to earn entries!  The winner will receive: 4 Lip Balms (of your choice) & 1 Hand Salve.  That’s $30 of FREE Product!  James and Kelly have also offered our readers a limited time quantity discount on their lip balms.

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Enter our Giveaway for FREE Buzz Buzz Products!!! The winner will receive: 4 Lip Balms (of your choice) & 1 Hand Salve.  That’s $30 of FREE Product!

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  1. Mary Beth Elderton

    I pay more for organic foods and basic, natural products. And I strongly favor companies that are mindful of the environment and fair with their employees. LOL—one product…organic corn. because I do not wish to eat Monsanto corn.

  2. Def skin care products! I don’t mind paying extra if they are all-natural and organic products. I have super sensitive and fair skin so it’s really worth it to get products I know won’t irritate my skin!

  3. I am willing to pay more for healthier food. I want myself and my family to get healthier by eating better.

  4. So the first thing that came to mind is I would totally pay more for Honeycrisp apples but I’m not sure that was the type of product you were going for. So I guess the other would be a good shampoo/conditioner. I used to coupon for cheaper varieties and always regretted where my scalp and hair ended up.

    • I totally agree with you Abby, paying more for quality shampoo and conditioner is SO worth it. Are you so excited for this giveaway?? I bet you already have some of the products but more is always better 😉

  5. Alison Gibb

    I am willing to pay extra for my face cream. I am getting older and I need all the help I can get!!

  6. Marilyn Nawara

    Depending on what it is — In most case I agree that paying a little more isn’t a problem.

  7. kelly tupick

    As a person that suffers from eczema and dry skin issues. I would pay a little more for an all natural product. They are better as they don’t seem as harsh on my skin.

  8. I do believe it is worth it because you are not using unnatural ingredients on or in any of your bodily systems

  9. Victoria S.

    I do think it’s worth it, but sometimes it can be hard to do! This year one of my resolutions is to find ways to save money in some areas so I can spend a little more on natural products!

    • Victoria! I am writing a post on that subject for a friend’s blog. It is going to be called something like this: You CAN Afford Healthier Food! 7 simple ways to improve your diet without significantly increasing your grocery budget. I will try to remember to come back and share a link with you when it is published in a few weeks. Best of Luck. Thank you so much for visiting us at Grounded & Surrounded!

  10. I think it’s worth it to have better, non-toxic ingredients.

  11. Please SHARE ONE PRODUCT you are willing to pay a premium for and WHY? Post your comment on this thread, and you will earn 2 Entries into our raffle (once you comment, be sure to click the box above so your entries can be recorded).

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