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Hey, Blogger Moms!  Wondering how you are going to keep up the momentum with your blog this summer while still giving your kiddos a summer full of fun and memories?  We sure are!

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Hi, we are Sammi Ricke & Sarah Koontz.  We blog about all things HEALTHY! Heart, Home, & Habits here at Grounded & Surrounded.  We want to stop and enjoy our families this summer, but we also want to keep the momentum going on our blog! We have come up with a unique solution, and we are excited to invite you to join us.

The #ETHANproject is a simple summer solution for mom bloggers. It will help you to stay inspired and motivated all summer long!  Wondering who ETHAN is?

ETHAN is an acronym which stands for “Enjoy The Here And Now”.

As we have discussed our summer plans with other bloggers, we have seen a huge need for a different kind of support in the blogging community during the summer months. As mothers of young children, finding balance is always hard. But the summer is a whole different type of animal!

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If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of juggling it all this summer, the #ETHANproject is for you!  We will lay out a plan of action for you to follow on your blog for 10-weeks this summer, and each blog post prompt will inspire you to get creative and make memories with your kids.  We tried to keep the challenge prompts as generic as possible so that each blogger can put her own spin on it!

Our goal is to build relationships with other bloggers, combine our social reach so that everyone benefits (and can work a little LESS hard), motivate our mom readers to join us in the challenge, and just plain HAVE SOME FUN THIS SUMMER!

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Here’s what the bloggers who reviewed the product are saying:

The prompts are simple, yet will make for great blog posts and summer memories. The project is very clear and the instructions are detailed.” – Cate from “The Fabulous Wife.”

All of the information is laid out in a logical way. The document was easy to read, language wise and the sentence structure worked as well. I like the format in that main concepts are laid out clearly.” -Raina from “Make Mend Grow

This kit is very detailed. I love that there are social media tips and suggestions to go along with each prompt. That makes it so easy to promote. The graphics are beautiful.” – Laura from “Little Bits of Granola

CLICK HERE TO READ ALL of the blogger reviews of the #ETHANproject Kit.

A little more of the “WHY” behind the #ETHANproject:

Yes, I am interested.  Please show me the sample kit!

***After you submit your information, you will be automatically re-directed to a page that has the blogger sample kit on it.  It may take 5-10 seconds to re-direct, so please be patient. If for some reason it doesn’t work for you, please e-mail me at [email protected] asking for the sample and I will send it to you directly.  Thank you!

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Being a blogger is all about being brave and trying new things.  The cost is just 9.95 to participate, that’s less than $1 per week!


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  1. Hi there,
    Just found you through Choose Happy and I am interested in the ETHAN project but not certain the Ethan Project Summer Blogging Kit would apply to me. I am a pretty new blogger, retired librarian, mom and grandmom and wife. I don’t have children close enough to share the activities with. Would it still be a link-up I could do? Thank you!

    • Leslie,

      Everyone is welcome to participate in the #ETHANproject. The challenges are general enough, you could really take them and put any spin you would like on them and we would all love to see your unique approach. Although the kit is written with moms in mind, the graphics are general enough to be used on any type of blog. The writing prompts and social media strategy may need to be tweaked a bit, but will still give you lots of good material to start with. We hope you decide to join us.

  2. Anxious to see what this exactly entails and give it a try!

  3. I just joined up! I wanted to pay with paypal but alas, I managed to get up from my VERY comfortable seat to go find a CC 😉 Super excited to be a part of this. Mama’s supporting mama’s 🙂

  4. I would LOVE to participate, but why is there not an option to pay with paypal? Am I missing something?

    • Misty, I will send you a personal e-mail with our paypal information. Gumroad (who hosts our product) does not accept payments through paypal. Inconvenient…I know. But we can definitely work around that for you.

  5. Really love this idea!

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