VLOG: Why are you doing a blog?

Why did we decided to start this blog? Our friends and family have been so encouraging and wonderful about our new blog….but we aren’t going to lie….they are all a bit confused.  They can see all the effort we are putting into making this blog AWESOME, and they are unsure WHY we are doing it?  So we decided to put together a VLOG to answer the FAQ’s we have received our first month blogging….




So if you have been wondering our reasons behind starting a blog, our motivation for making it AWESOME, and how much money we are making…..this video will answer all your questions!

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  1. My dear, you must find Aldi’s supermarkets! They look a little bit like a soviet era market but the savings are worth it. They have no GMO’s and have clear labels, making clean eating way easier! I’ve cut my grocery bill down to about $150.00 a week for the lot of us…and we do eat well.
    I am just starting out (again) in the blogosphere so feel free to visit my blog when you have a chance 😉

  2. Okay, the two of you are so freaking cute, I can’t stand it~ I am from NY, so that is a compliment!
    Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the inspiration. I am a clean-feeding-mom of seven so I love what you are both doing. I wish you all kinds of success in this!

    • Aw, thanks Maryellen. I like to think of us as freaking cute too! Way to go on all those offspring, bless your heart. I shudder to think of your grocery budget, but isn’t the sacrifice so worth it?!? I would have never gotten into gardening if I weren’t so gosh darn cheap and so totally committed to eating organic food. Blessings to you in all that you do….hope you keep in touch!

  3. I just love y’all’s energy and passion for what you do. This video was so fun to watch.

    I’m super duper inspired by my Dad too Sarah. I’ve learned so much from him (P.S. he’s the same age as yours) and he has created an amazing body of work in many areas and everybody here knows him as Dr. Paul, because our last name is ridiculous to pronounce. So in essence, our dads are twins.

    Anyhow, wishing both of you ladies success with your blog. You have so much personality and such a desire to help, I know it will be amazing for you. Thank you for doing what you do.

    • Ditto Girl. SO you know I blog with my best friend, right? And we are TOTALLY different people.

      So when she rescued your comment from our spam folder (seriously, wordpress…Regina is NOT SPAM!), and saw your tweet (totally made my day by the way) she was like….Sarah do you know this chick?

      Then I was like Seriously Sammi!!!!!! You haven’t seen Regina’s Awesome Pins on Pinterest, or read her amazing stuff about SEO and OMG….SAMMMI….you have to check her out.

      So that happened….

      My dad is my hero, we are so lucky to have inspiring dads. It is great to be able to sort of in our own unique ways walk in their shoes and help people too.

      Thanks for taking the time to make my day by visiting our site, and the icing on the cake is that YOU ACTUALLY LIKE IT.

      Keep in touch!

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