Christmas Dinner Meal Prep

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Are you ready for the upcoming holidays?

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and grocery store shelves are fully stocked and filled with people scrambling to get all of their supplies in time.

If you find that you are planning things last minute for Thanksgiving, don’t worry!

I am going to show you how to do Christmas Dinner Meal Prep now!

Christmas dinner table decor in whites and greens ready Christmas Dinner Meal Prep.

In just a few weeks you’ll be doing this all over again for Christmas. There are so many benefits to outlining these kinds of things ahead of time. Planning reduces stress and allows you to evaluate your goals more closely for every task at hand.

Below are some tips that are going to help you be better prepared this year and every holiday dinner to come. Yay!

Clear glass stemware on a holiday table.

It’s out with the Halloween costumes and fall decorations and in with Christmas! Every year, these holidays seem like they mesh together.

Because of this dramatic change in stores and our surroundings, it’s hard to not think about Christmas early.

However, this is beneficial for meal planning. Think about how you are going to dress-up your dinner area ahead of time.

Christmas decor is one way that you can make friends and family feel festive around the table.

Two mugs of hot cocoa on white linens with sticks and white berries.

When it comes to planning Christmas dinner, having festive accessories on your table is just as important as the food.

Your tablescape is the first thing that guests will see, and this will set the tone for the rest of the experience. There are a variety of ways to decorate such as utilizing the traditional red and green color scheme, or a winter wonderland theme.

There are many creative options to choose from.

Don’t ignore all of the Christmas decor that stores put out in November, work with it! 

Light blue chair with pine swag and cute reindeer ornament.

Planning ahead will allow you the time to cherish the holidays with loved ones.

When you are beginning to gather your tasks for Thanksgiving dinner, always think about Christmas, too.

You should meal plan when hosting dinners for big occasions, as it will be beneficial when trying to stay organized.

Start by making a list of everything you’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving. Keep in mind anything that you’ll be wanting to make for Christmas dinner, as you can repeat recipes.

Holiday charcuterie board with delicious food for Christmas dinner meal prep.

For instance, my Skinny Sweet Potato Casserole is perfect for both occasions. Some of the ingredients, such as coconut sugar and pecans, won’t expire quickly.

When food shopping for Thanksgiving, buy enough for when you’ll be making it again in a few short weeks.

The earlier you cross items off of your list, the less you have to worry about gathering later. 

A bakers hand placing holiday sugar cookie dough on a baking sheet.

Do you bake for Christmas? Another great way you can start planning for Christmas dinner early is preparing to bake now!

Whether you are planning to make peppermint fudge, or decorate sugar and gingerbread cookies, they can all be made weeks ahead of time.

How is this possible? By baking the cookies now and then storing them in the freezer.

Christmas cookies with jam and plated beautifully for Christmas Dinner Meal Prep!

If you prefer them to be freshly baked, you can always make the dough and freeze it to use later. Either way, dough or cookies will stay in their original state, to then be thawed when you are ready to bake and decorate!

The hard part will already be done and out of the way, allowing you to focus on the fun part!

Planning for Christmas dinner ahead of time is valuable for anyone.

The more you organize your tasks, the less stressed you’ll be once Christmas is here.

Woman's hand placing ornaments on top of Christmas tree.

By getting supplies you need early, you don’t have to worry about rushing to get something when the time has come.

All that’ll be left to do is to turn up the Christmas music and cook, decorate, and enjoy time with your loved ones!

See Christmas Dinner Meal Prep can be easy with these tips!

What are your favorite tips for making the holidays as stress free and magical as possible?

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