Easy Valentine Cookies

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Easy Valentine Cookies for the win this month with these cake mix cookies with Hershey Kisses and Hugs in the middle.

Roses are red…

Violets are blue…

Cookies, I love you. 

I amaze myself with my mad poetry skills. 😉 

White, pink, and purple crinkle cookies for Valentine's Day.

These Easy Valentine Cookies were originally created for the holidays, but easily transformed into the cutest Valentine’s recipe EVER!

You will fall in love with these brightly colored cookies and cute Hug or Kiss in the middle. 

These vanilla flavored cookies are soft, perfectly sweet, and easy to over-indulge in. Trust me, I know. The chocolate Hershey Hugs and Kisses are the perfect cherry on top!

Detailed shot of colorful Valentine's Day cookies with a chocolate in the middle.

My kids cannot get enough of these cookies. After I photographed them, I made a plate for each of the kid’s classrooms because, goodness knows, we don’t need to eat all 36!

You can imagine my heart fluttering when the kids said their friends loved them and some asked for the recipe. So sweet those kids are! 🙂

Valentine’s Day in our home is a fun occasion. We usually celebrate the festivity as a family with heart-shaped pizzas and silly heart-themed cups and plates. A sweet of some sort is usually enjoyed whether it is jam-filled hand pies or these cookies. 

Beautiful white crinkle cookie covered in powdered sugar with a Hershey Hug in the middle.

One year, we did a “heart attack” door on the kid’s bedroom door starting Feb. 1st. Ryan and I added a new paper heart each day before the kid’s woke up. The hearts had a kind sentence written on them about all the things we love about them. They looked with anticipation each morning to see what we wrote about each of them. I loved watching their eyes light up each time they read their hearts.

This would also be a lovely idea to do for your significant other!

Overhead view of vibrant pink, purple, and white holiday cookies for Valentine's Day.

Now that I have you enamored with these beauties, I better send you on your way! You can find the recipe at Living Well Spending Less where Ruth so graciously featured these Easy Valentine Cookies just in time to celebrate the day of love. 




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